Do you think futuristic movies like Johnny Pneumonic, Demolition Man, and Gattaca are just Sci-Fi fantasy? Think again! All these movies were made to condition you for your future in a 100% government controlled Police State. Don’t believe me check it for yourself! First, let’s check the definiton of Police State:

Police State: authoritarian state, which uses the police, especially secret police, to maintain and enforce political power, often through violent or arbitrary means. A police state typically exhibits elements of totalitarianism or other harsh means of social control. In a police state the police are not subject to the rule of law and there is no meaningful distinction between the law and the exercise of political power by the executive.

Next, let’s look at the examples of how G.W. (Saprano) Bush and his family are pushing thier agenda:

NSA: Warrant less surveillance of international phone calls and emails.
NSA: Phone records Database
CIA: Monitoring international bank transfers
Supreme Court: No knock policy
White House: Warrant less Police searches
FBI: Monitoring library record
Car Black Boxes
Tracking Biometrics
National ID’s: Homeland Security will be tracking you!
Microchip Implants: the mark of the beast

Don’t think that I’m making this up open your eyes and do the research your self!