If you’re reading this article then you either aware or curious about the economic fiasco the US is in. I’ll save you the time of going through the catalog of news articles about the economy and get straight to business. I searched the internet hi and low looking for answers to one basic question: “What do I need to be prepared in case this iceberg of fiscal irresponsibility capsizes the economy?” I found some great websites and videos that gave lists, instructions, financial advice (some reasonable, others who knows?), but I made a compilation based on urban survival and common sense. I’ll give you my personal list along with some helpful websites and great stores to get you prepared.

Food: (Assuming I don’t need to tell you to stock up on everyday canned foods)

Easy to fix storable foods that you don’t need much to make. Such as MRE’s, Freeze dried pouches, camping foods.

Long term storable foods like wheat, rice, and beans. Be advised storing flour isn’t the same as storing wheat; flour becomes rancid. Also with wheat you’ll need to purchase a grain mill to make flour.

Along with your wheat you’ll need raising agents to make bread such as dry yeast, baking soda and baking powder.

– As far as amounts to store that’s something you’ll have to decide based on the size of your family, but here are some general guidelines:

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  • Store 30 lbs. of SUGAR or HONEY for each adult. Sugar is heavy and shipping costs are more than it’s worth. Buy sugar at any local grocery store. Sugar is self-storing and generally does not spoil.

    • Store about 100-200 lbs. of whole WHEAT in buckets per adult. Hard white or red winter wheat makes the best flour for bread. Avoid storing flour due to rancidity and infestation.

      • Store 2 gallons of COOKING OIL- the same brand and the same size bottles that you are accustomed to using. Unopened cooking oil has about a 2 year shelf life.

        • Store 10 lbs. of SALT and SEASONINGS in accord with your personal preferences. These are also self-storing.
          • Store 6 lbs. of RAISING INGREDIENTS-baking powder 2 lbs., baking soda 2 lbs., and dry yeast 2 lbs. Replace these according to expiration dates.
          • Water:

            First you should store at least one gallon per person per day. Outside of this minimum there are collapsible water jugs for people like myself who live in apartments and don’t have a lot of space. (*Keynote* if there is any type of emergency man made or natural make sure you fill up your jugs and bath tub right away).

            If your water supply is compromised or contaminated you’ll need a way to purify it; boiling, water purification tablets / bleach or water purifier.

            Berkey makes some great water filters! If you can’t afford one these I would advise you to check Amazon or Ebay and buy a portable water purifier. You should be able to find a good one for under $70.

            Next is water purification tablets, I prefer the Katadyn tablets over the iodine drops.


            You have to start thinking of alternative methods of energy. Seems like no matter what type of catastrophe the power goes out.

            Propane is a great storable fuel that can be used to light lantern, camping stoves, heaters, etc. and propane is cheap right now.

            Here is a list of some of the things you want to stock up on:

            1. Soap
            2. Lotion
            3. Toothpaste
            4. Deodorant
            5. Lip Balm
            6. Mess Kits
            7. Camping Stove
            8. Sleeping Bag
            9. Fuel for your stove
            10. Hand crank flashlights
            11. Hand crank radios
            12. Candles
            13. Lanterns
            14. Blankets
            15. Hunting / Camping Knife
            16. Hatchet / Camping Axe
            17. Water proof matches
            18. Batteries
            19. Duct tape
            20. Plastic sheeting
            21. TOILET PAPER (I don’t know about you, but newspaper does not sound good to me)
            22. Feminine Products
            23. Baby Foods
            24. Any Meds you might use on a regular basis

            In addition here is a list of useful websites: (In no particular order)

            Check out Ryanjcus’s channel on youtube for 72hr Emergency Kits (Bug out Bags) and more.