According to a recent Rasmussen Poll 53% of Americans disapproved the Health Care Bill and yet here we have it.

CNN’s Research Opinion Poll has the number as high as 59%.

If the majority of Americans disapproved of this bill and the Democratic majority still passed the it, who’s interest are they really serving?

As Obama stands in front of the camera’s smiling championing his victory his approval rating is falling out of orbit, down to 43%.

Now maybe I fell asleep in government class but I was under the impression that in a Democracy the elected officials served the will of the people.

As I watch the all the commentators on MSM go back and forth with politicians on both sides I see two issues getting fused together in order to support this bill:

1. This bill provides Health Care to 32 million Americans.

2. It provides legal boundaries that the insurance companies can’t go outside of.

Ok, to me both of these are reasonable and they do help people, no doubt about it. However, the thing I think most supporters don’t look at is the mandate. Why not let individual people opt? If you need it or want it good, go get it. But for those who don’t want it shouldn’t they be allowed to opt out? Isn’t this apart of the freedom that makes America, well…America? Isn’t this apart of that freedom we go all over the globe to protect and establish, topple governments to enforce, over throw dictators to establish?

How can we go anywhere in the world and tell people we’re fighting for freedom and democracy when we the majority at home yell a big collective, “NO” and the government still says “yes”.