Source: Komo News

Dozens of people marched into Bank of America’s downtown Seattle office Tuesday, repeating the chant “Predatory lenders….Criminal offenders…”

And the chants continued in the lobby:  “Save our homes; save our homes.”

Members of Washington Can and Our Washington accuse the bank of not following through on loan modification applications.

They asked for transparency, an immediate moratorium on all foreclosures, and the creation of homeownership community centers in every county in Washington.

Instead, they were told to leave the building and security called police to make sure they did.

The groups want Bank of America to create local offices with employees who can help customers modify their loans.

“I applied for a modification in December and I’ve been waiting this long and the bank has not gotten back to me,” said Marilyn Takamaru.

Takamaru and others say when they call the bank, they get passed from person to person, sometimes getting passed to someone overseas.

“We need someone here in Seattle, in King County, that we can talk to, case management,” said Angela O’Brien.

In response to Tuesday’s protest, Bank of America spokesman Rick Simon said, “Bank of America is committed to finding homeownership retention solutions for borrowers who have the desire to remain in their homes and demonstrate the willingness and financial ability to make reasonable payments over a sustained period. More than 16,000 associates are currently assigned to meeting that task.”

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